About Us

Who are we?

The Bowden Engineering Solutions (BES) engineering team is a diverse group of  highly passionate and knowledgeable aeronautical and avionics engineers with a combined industry experience of 100+ years

To date BES has produced more than 17,000 engineering data packages and conducted over 5000 CASR 21.M approvals on our instrument. 

We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled modification and repair support to customers all across Australia and NZ. To facilitate this, we have multiple design/certification offices, located in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

What we do

BES specialises in aircraft modifications/repairs - from special mission fit-outs on business jets and airlines to light aircraft engine swaps (and everything in between).

Our highly experienced team is qualified to design, certify and release approved engineering data for all fixed wing and rotor-craft models registered in Australia and NZ. See more on our Capabilities page.

Why choose Bowden?

BES knows that minimal down-time is crucial in the aviation industry. 

Our unique operational structure allows us to tailor our process for every design project, ensuring that our efforts are directed to the most critical items first. Our document packages are clear,  succinct and streamlined to allow your maintenance personnel to complete their work with minimal additional guidance.

Our experienced engineers will anticipate potential issues ahead of time and work in parallel with your team to return your aircraft to service ASAP.